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If you're a content producer, you may submit your content to the Good TV aquisitions team.  If approved, your content will be distributed according to our standard distribution agreement, through Good TV and our international partner network. For more information please contact us and we'll supply further information.

At Good TV, we believe that, “You are what you eat,” which is why we are looking for a variety of content which aligns with our content strategy.

From sci-fi to opera, from thriller to comedy, our users will find something to meet their dietary needs. There is just one key difference -  the core theme of each film or programme will leave the audience inspired in some way.  Whilst not in any way prescriptive, a viewer will leave Good TV with a greater sense of hope in the world than before they watched.  It’s simple, good quality story-telling at its best!

Good TV puts that power back into the viewer’s hands. To achieve this, we have created a simple rating system that will allow users to access programme information that goes beyond the simple legal rating requirements. We will score each title on levels of violence, sexual content, profane language and other adult themes. This is not designed to impose a moral framework, but rather to empower both adult account holders who may wish to be discerning in their viewing, and families who wish to keep their children safe.

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